This is a selection of sites that are either favourites or link to subjects about which I have posted. I take no responsibility for any content!

Oblique: the music

I recorded two amateurish CDs and may still do more. I still listen to them and most of the music can be found at the above link.

Oblique Fictions

My fiction: occasionally I get the urge. I’m starting to have fun writing bits of a supposedly comic novel, maybe incorporating bits from this blog and my great unpublished rubbish novel.Go on, somebody, read it, You’ll be the first. I’m too embarrassed to put it on Facebook.

International availability of McDonald’s products

Apparently there is variation between McDonald’s across the world. Thanks, Ms Oblique senior.

Chattri Memorial, Brighton

More people should know about this.

Boston Tea Party, Honiton

Not a sponsored link…. I just like it.

Lakaz Maman, Southampton

Another favourite.

Charming Bookshops

More bookshops!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Gorgeous pictures of space

VCS3 on Wikipedia

Beep beep bleep

Brian Eno on bizarre instruments

Very interesting……

20 Best Small Bookshops In The UK

More bookshop recommendations…. Not checked by me!

Book Towns Part 1

An interesting list. There is also part 2.

Planet Gong

One of my favourite bands, and a huge inspiration. A great website.

The Kennedys (band)

Because they deserve it…. the American husband/ wife duo.

Ted Talks

I planned to listen to one a day, but….