Short additions to previous topics that are not enough to need a new post. Latest first.

Boulangerie Victor Hugo, Southampton

Sadly, this has now closed. The boulangerie is now the Liberty café, one of the venues for the excellent Southampton Music in the City. I will eventually remove the link. (Who am I kidding? Who’s going to read it now anyway?!)

Vincent Black Lightning 1952 by Richard Thompson

If anybody is bothered, I updated this as I misquoted the lyrics in a quibble which wasn’t fair: he doesn’t use the word ‘infirmary’.

Lakaz Maman, Southampton

I still want to flag up this great restaurant more.

I Have It By Heart

It’s interesting and pleasing to note that this has got the most likes of all my posts so far.

Notes one day after the post: Last night as I was going through the repertoire in my head before falling asleep, I realised I also know ‘My Sad Captains’ by Thom Gunn. The work of Robert Graves is also in copyright, so buy it, don’t get it online. I realised that if you hover your mouse over the pictures, they come up with the names of the poets! Not such a puzzle.

Rumble, rumble: Jah Wobble at Talking Heads

A film of one of the pieces from Youtube:

The Sweeney

A whole shop? For books? Part three

A forum discussing the topic:

Café Bean: Bookshops vs Amazon

(Also see the Websites page on my blog.)

This may or may not be a worrying development… Amazon are going into real bookshops…        Amazon’s real-life bookshops

Fashion Police Bulletin #1

In town today I saw a young woman sitting on a bench, taking photos with a telephoto lens. Now these were probably perfectly innocent photos of pigeons, or something…. photogenic. Why do I think (and Mrs Oblique agrees with me) that a young man in that situation would probably be accused of something improper?

My Grandfather’s Books

My brother has just told me he found the Fabian of the Yard book secondhand, but in a later edition, with photos from the T.V. series. None of the other books have surfaced.

Our Mutual Friend

I have now finished this. It is awe-inspiringly good. Dickens attacks the workhouse system, alcoholism and sundry other targets in the course of it, but maintains the intense plot… though it takes a while to discover the main thread of this. I just feel there is a slightly clumsy piece of revelatory plot exposition in the middle…. But who am I to be criticising Dickens?! Now 70% through War and Peace.

But I Don’t Dance

To our great disappointment, Talking Heads has moved to a new venue which at first glance seems to be totally lacking in the character it had. We shall see.


My very good friend MSC has pointed out that assemblies can give a real sense of community to the school. I agree. But too often they are just boring.

Musical Bodies

I award myself the prize for knowing that the musician common to both photos is the great sax player, Mr. Theo Travis, who followed the great M. Didier Malherbe in Gong and was in his turn succeeded by the great Mr. Ian East.

A Capital Omission

Many thanks to PT and TA for pointing out my mistake, now corrected. I still have heard nothing from the Post Office.

I Have Drunk Beer

There won’t, I feel, be a lot of poetry on here. Sorry if that has misled anybody. (But there might be some…. if the White Goddess chooses me. Reference anybody?)

(Sorry…. JQ has won the prize for knowing that this refers to Robert Graves. Respect.)