Moving in Music

It’s a sunny April morning. Mr Hillage and Ms Giraudy, otherwise known as System 7, are playing ‘Manik Shamanik’ from the CD ‘Seventh Wave’ on the hi-fi. It’s quite loud, so we can hear it in the bath upstairs. I just wanted to note how much I like having music around me, rather than on headphones. You can move round the music; be in the music. It takes on the characteristics of the space you are in. It’s also a shared experience (however perhaps to the annoyance of others). It’s part of the environment, rather than isolating you in a little bubble. In the case of music like this, you can feel the bass, too.


(This is uplifting, positive music, as is most of Steve Hillage’s work. No, I haven’t bought the 22 CD, £200 Steve Hillage pre-System 7 retrospective box set, much as I have been tempted. Would I ever have time to hear it all?)