Easter Bunny versus the Chocolate Carrots


And did you get Easter eggs today? Have you been good?”

When will you get eggs? Monday?”

And is the Easter bunny coming?”

It’s Good Friday. We’re shopping. I’m even more confused than ever.

My parents weren’t especially religious. Nevertheless, there were certain rituals at Easter. We always had hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday; they just weren’t available at any other time of the year, anyway. On Easter Sunday we always had soft-boiled eggs for breakfast and the shells always turned pink. I never could work out how my mother made this happen, even when I knew about food colouring. Easter eggs only appeared on Easter Sunday. In later years, they used to make a Simnel cake. That was about it.

Now Easter just seems to be a blur of chocolate, the Easter bunny, egg hunts and hot cross buns of all kinds of flavours. It starts soon after Christmas.

Now I’m not one to look behind, I know that times must change.” It’s just that…. well, I can’t work it out. Are there any vestiges of the Christian story or a spring festival? Or is it just a vague commercial opportunity? For once, this isn’t the fault of schools; I know they teach what Easter is, as they do with festivals of several religions.

Tradition, as I have said before, is important, especially for children. I’m not arguing for a return to the traditions of my childhood. I’m not arguing for anything, I suppose. I’m just saddened by the way in which any message, pagan or Christian or whatever, has been lost in the quest for sales.

How about that? Almost a whinge. Happy Easter/ spring festival/ whatever.