Drop-Dead Serious

My ire has been roused. My cage has been rattled. I’ve tried to keep this blog positive, but I must have a rant. Much good will it do me.

Two recent related news items have started this off- or re-ignited it.

The first was about an atrocious incident in Eastleigh. Ambulance crews were called to a report of a 13-year-old girl having a cardiac arrest. On arrival, they were bombarded with bricks, chairs and other missiles. They were injured. Two girls of 13 and 14 were arrested. At the time of writing there was no further news.

Following this was the news that paramedics in England are to be equipped with body cameras, to help protect them from violent attacks. Assaults have risen by 34% in four years, according to the Sunday Times.

This is of some concern to me, as Miss Oblique #2 and her partner are paramedics. I cannot tell any of their stories, for reasons of confidentiality; nobody has attacked them, but the disrespect they are sometimes shown is breathtaking. (As is the time-wasting.)

What do I feel about this? Furious? Incandescent? Mildly peeved? To be honest, above all I feel utterly bemused, confused and uncomprehending.

Why would anybody want to attack people who are trying to help others? Why would anybody want to hurt them? Why would they want to stop patients from being treated? Surely self-interest should come into play. Surely nobody would want to hurt a paramedic who was trying to treat their loved ones- or themselves.

I have, obviously, no answers or solutions. There is no logic or reasoning I can see behind these acts. Is it idiocy? Madness? Total lack of empathy? Evil?

The biggest question of all is: what good does it do writing this? I don’t honestly think it will make things better. I can’t imagine anybody who might read this who would approve of such acts. I would love to know if anybody can explain them, or find a practical solution.



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