Boston Tea Party, Honiton

Boston Tea Party is a small chain of cafés in the South West. We visited the Honiton branch for breakfast on a Sunday. It is, as we trendy types say, jolly good.

It is located in what was presumably a Georgian shop in the High Street. It has wooden floors and somewhat varied wooden tables and chairs. In this respect it is like the Exeter branch, which we used to visit some years ago. (That may well have changed, but was quirky and equally lovely.)

I had Eggs Royale, on sourdough bread, with slices of radish. Sourdough is annoyingly overused, but it really worked with the eggs and salmon, as to my surprise did the radish. It was delicious. Mrs Oblique had Chorizo Hash, with spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and poached egg on top. It was equally delicious; we really couldn’t fault it. The coffee (proper filter coffee) was excellent. Miss Oblique as usual went for pains au chocolat and there was appropriate silence while she ate them.

What’s not to like? Nothing. The rest of the menu looks varied but not over-long, and it all involves a large proportion of locally sourced ingredients. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are friendly, polite and attentive but not pushy. If you sit at the front there is a pleasant view of the street and the non-conformist churchgoers opposite. There is a garden at the back. The customers are a mix of regulars and visitors. I commend it!


Footnote: I notice that BTP now have 19, soon to be 20, cafés. I hope they maintain their independent feel. Catch them now! (No, of course they don’t sponsor me…..)

Boston Tea Party

BTP Honiton


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