An idle lexicographic collection

Just for my amusement. It’s so trivial I haven’t even shared it on Facebook.

This is merely a collection of phrases I like and want to preserve, as I feel some of them are dying out.

“We’re going to hell in a handcart……” A lovely evocation of despair. I thought this had disappeared, then I heard it used on the BBC TV programme ‘Midwives’ just after I started to write this. I tend to use it ironically!

It’s black over Will’s mother.” Used to describe a louring sky. I have no idea who Will or his mother might have been. Often used by my grandmother.

Often I feel it in my water: There is something I have a deep gut feeling about. This must be a pretty old one.

You are a person of sound bottom, meaning you are thoroughly reliable, not referring to your backside.

Where will it all end? Graveyard mould.” A cheery one of my grandmother’s.

OK U.S. marines, let’s go! This must have come from a film, and my children must have been sick of how often I used it. Along with this goes: Let’s move before they raise the parking rate!A song quote. No prizes for the source… anybody?

That’s enough of all this rubbish.


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