You ain’t seen me, right?

Sitting in a MacDonalds restaurant in Cirencester in the early evening…. I rather like the anonymity of it. I could be anywhere….. with anybody…. The photographer Don McCullin gave MacDonalds as his eighth wonder of the world, as he could get the same meal anywhere in the world. (I can only vouch for Paris and L.A. outside England; we just could not shame ourselves by visiting a branch in Lisbon.)

(Overheard in the above branch: “I’m trying to go off the grid- to go invisible.”)

Later, in a Premier Inn room, the illusion of being anonymous, in a no-space, is even stronger. We close the curtains; we could be in any Premier Inn anywhere. Yes, I know I could be easily traced. Yes, I’m with Mrs O. It just feels anonymous. (Please note: I like Premier Inn. And even MacDonalds. Occasionally.)


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