National Health? Part 2: What seems to be the problem?

(Caution: I know little about the workings of the NHS, but I am of course a user of it. Miss Oblique 2 is a paramedic, but I must point out that this blog does not in any way claim to represent her opinons and does not use any of her experiences.)

(Come to think of it, we are all users of the NHS…. just as we all know best about schools, because we were all at school, weren’t we?)

This is not a complete, objective or balanced list of problems with the NHS. It’s just a collection of jottings about what I see as some of the problems, seen especially though the misty lens of my experiences with the likes of Dr B.

  1. Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals cover massive areas. It will be claimed that this enables efficient use of resources. However, the size seems to result in a very impersonal service, and alienation from health care, as opposed to dealing with emergencies.
  2. There seems to be a huge reliance on the use of drugs. Despite efforts to counteract this, patients seem to expect a prescription as a matter of course. Drug companies make huge profits, which they claim are necessary to fund new research (and of course to reward their investors).
  3. There is an enormous amount of time wasted with trivial, imaginary and risible ailments. Runny noses, dandruff, new shoes, sprains, travel sickness….. and more. (Yes, I know there are underlying causes. I will come to these next week.)
  4. Linked to number 3 is a lack of willingness to take responsibility for minor ailments and our own health.
  5. This is probably the most subjective and possibly ill-informed point: it seems to me that the NHS, probably due to its scale and the scale of its sub-units, is enormously inefficient and is wasting a huge amount of money.

I will put my own tentative ideas forward next Sunday. Thanks- I think at least one person has been reading!


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