Forgotten Dishes 7: Memsahib Fruit Scones

An unusual cultural clash, this one.

In the days of British rule in India, a memsahib instructed her Indian cook to make her fruit scones. Unfortunately she was very peremptory and had not bothered to learn any Hindi. The poor cook did her best, but she ended up with chapatis layered with local friut.Apparently they were rather appreciated and enjoyed a brief popularity with the colonial rulers.

They were mentioned (and it was alleged that this was a true story) in a children’s book called something like ‘Child Hero of the Raj’. (This was along the lines of other stirring tales such as ‘From Powder Monkey to Admiral’.) I read it at school in my English teacher’s varied library but have never seen it since and can find no trace of it. Was it all a figment of my vivid imagination?

Note: I have no idea of what this looked like or how exactly it was made, so have photographed some of Mrs Oblique’s creations along with some fruit which is grown in India. Yes it is. I checked.



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