Age- a ramble

How do you know you’re getting older? Apparently you are as old as you feel. There is an old, smutty joke you have probably heard about this.

The trouble is that you are  probably like me in that different parts of you, including your mind, feel different ages at different times. At present, my back is about 75. For a long time my brain was stuck at 16, but I’m afraid being a father changed all that.

Sometimes there is a sudden realisation about age. A long time ago- I think when I was in my late twenties- there was a fashion for young ladies to have mare midriffs, in all sorts of weathers. With a shock, I realised that I was not usually thinking “phwoarrr!”- which would no doubt have been reprehensible, anyway- but “oh dear, she’ll catch a nasty chill like that”. Now, back to front baseball caps really annoy me. Age?

Pop music can be a fickle betrayer of ageing. Unlike the admirable John Peel, who was always finding new music to champion, I find it increasingly hard to like anything recent. I admit to even disliking almost all of what is now popular. I especially find the use of the words “n******” and “b****” in certain genres offensive, as well as the over reliance on “f***”. Don’t get me started on lipsyncing and autotune. Mind you, I used to consider drum machines unacceptable…. and now I’ve even recorded using synthetic drums.

Does this all make me a grumpy old man? I hope not. I generally try not to foist negative views on people. I’ve tried to maintain a tolerant and open attitude. After all, it’s not up to me whether or not you like such delights as ….. let us say…… songs by “D.J. Dada feat. R. Zimmerman”.

Life begins at 60, they say. They said that at 40 and 50, too. What about my father at 90? To be serious, life begins with every new moment- and hey, look, the sun rose again this morning! As I confidently predict it will again tomorrow.

img_20160430_144352(This picture is not to make a morbid point; although I admit I could not think of a good illustration. Any guesses as to its relevance?)


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