Bibimbap House, Cambridge

A weekend in Cambridge. Miss Oblique #1 and RG take us to a Korean restaurant. It’s well worth a mention.

I’ve never eaten Korean food before and was a little uncertain; was it going to be very spicy? The exterior is unprepossessing. The menu is, as Miss O. says, narrow, consisting of variations on Bibimbap. This, for those of you who are as ignorant as I was, is basically a hearty bowlful.

bibimbapWhat you get is a big stone bowl of rice or noodles, with carrot, cabbage, cucumber, an egg and probably some other things I have forgotten. (If I’m going to attempt reviews, perhaps I should take notes.) On the side are little dishes of tofu, mashed potato, a bowl of miso soup, and meat in sauce; I had beef, with rice. Variations, include tuna, pork and vegetable only versions. (Thanks to Miss O. for the photo.)

I think the approved technique of eating is to mix it all together. I added the constituent parts a little at a time, which proved inspired. The  result is a meal which changes as you go, maintaining interest right to the bottom of the (large) bowl. The rice at the bottom is a little crispy, due to the heat of the stone. The egg breaks and mingles and cooks. The sauces (don’t ask me what they all are) are subtle and not fiery. I particularly liked the creamy mashed potato. There are whispers that it is from a packet, but I don’t care. It goes beautifully.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this meal, and my opinion was shared. I had green tea, which went perfectly. Perhaps the tofu is a little bland, but tofu is always bland. The service is friendly yet polite and not over-attentive.It is a little on the dear side: £70 for four of us. But it is filling and delicious. Bibimbap House is at 60 Mill Road: I commend it to my readers.


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