One year on


Much to my surprise, I realise that it has been one year since I published my first blog post. I started this blog to have an outlet for bits and pieces of thoughts and observations. I used to ramble on  to my colleagues. When I retired, I couldn’t let the long-suffering Mrs Oblique take all the strain, so started this. (Actually, Mrs O. doesn’t read it. Interesting.)

It also turned out to be a tool for me to clarify my thinking. Putting something into writing has always helped me. I almost feel I haven’t properly dealt with an idea unless I’ve written it down.

I didn’t do it to become famous, or make money, or attract legions of followers. Nevertheless, I did hope that a few people might read it.

Well I haven’t become famous, or made money, or attracted legions of followers; but I am very pleased to say that a few people have read it.

The statistics (which I don’t find entirely convincing) say that my 80 posts have attracted 683 visitors, who have viewed posts 1393 times. Yes, I am aware that many of these visitors are repeats, who for some reason have returned several times, or some who just humour their dad…. However, I am very gratified that I am getting read; and most astonished that the visits come from 32 different countries. I would have expected that most came from the U.K. and the U.S.A. I also have friends in Spain, France, Italy, Australia and others I apologise for neglecting. But the Lebanon? Serbia? Kenya? Japan? How wonderful even to have had one visit from each of these.

I haven’t restricted myself to one subject; that wasn’t the point. Most of the blog posts seem to have been about education, books or music. I write when I feel I have the need to say something, not to a plan. Sometimes the posts are written out in longhand beforehand, sometimes typed and posted straight away. I am happiest when Mrs Oblique can be persuaded to produce one of her wonderful illustrations. I have tried to ensure that all the others are copyright free.

The most popular post so far was Soft Machine at Talking Heads, probably because I publicised it on the wonderful forum at the wonderful website that is Planet Gong . I have enjoyed writing them all and have especially enjoyed getting comments, both on WordPress and Facebook. I have particularly liked playing with language, freed from the need to be in teacher mode. Oddly, I still like most of what I have written and even smile at it.

If you have been…. Thanks for reading. Did I say I liked comments?

(Sorry to tell you this, but I have ideas for at least another 22 posts. Watch this space.)


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