House Building as Performance Art

I promise we do not spend all our time watching T.V. now I have retired…. but on Friday morning a commentator told us that “house builders make their money by building houses and selling them”.


I thought they were largely performance artists….. making a deep, multi-layered commentary on the unbearable tension between home ownership and the transience of existence. It must be obvious that the safety helmets and high-vis jackets of the performers are an ironic observation on what is, in a very meaningful and post-modern sense, the impossibility of a ‘safe space’ in a ritualistic tightrope dance over the chasm of nothingness (and the possibility of sink holes). The deliberate choice of mainly male participants is an integral part of the portrayal of the ying/ yang trope of the nuclear family, persistent even in the post modern, multi-gender and trans-gender 4D space in which we all  find ourselves enmeshed.

Or perhaps she was being ironic? Or just…. stating the bleedin’ obvious?



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