This one is no more than a query….

Is there a word for the style of writing in which each paragraph consists of only one sentence?

I notice this particularly in the reporting of the (Southampton) Daily Echo, especially in the match reports on Saints (Southampton Football Club, for those of my readers from far-flung locations). However, it does seem to be a ‘house style’ for this newspaper: Daily Echo article

I’m not criticising, just noting. It is also used by that extremely witty writer, Peter Tinniswood, in his ‘Tales From A Long Room’: the cricketing anecdotes of a fictitious brigadier.


If nobody has a word for this style, may I suggest ‘Monoparagraphing’? I’m sure that there are many who will find fault with the linguistic construction of this word. Please suggest alternatives.

Please also note that I have restrained myself from using the style in this blogpost.


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