The Istanbul Café and Restaurant, Worthing

And so to Worthing. It’s much changed since I bought my first Gong album there as a teenager. There is still a lovely arcade, with a musical instrument shop which we had to pull ourselves away from. In Heene Road we discovered the Istanbul Café and restaurant.

Istanbul cafe

This is not the Istanbul Turkish Restaurant near to the pier. It’s a few hundred metres from the centre, a tiny café in a cheerfully yellow-painted building. We loved it.

It seems to be a family run business. It’s clean and neat, with a lovely display of flowers outside. The staff great, greeting regulars and polite to visitors. There are clean toilets cleverly tucked into a corner.

The menu is fairly straightforward: English breakfasts, sandwiches, etc, but there are some Turkish dishes: meatballs and shish. Mrs O. went for the special: ham and tomato omelette, which was great. I had lamb shish with rice, which was very tasty. Miss O. had chips. Lots of chips. Nothing new there then.

It was all hot…. not always the case, we find. Best of all, the coffee was great.

Why am I bothering to post this? The few people who read my blog probably won’t be anywhere near it. I just feel we ought to celebrate small, local enterprises over the soulless chains.


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