Things Teachers Said

Very short and not at all serious…….


My teachers (at a boys’ grammar school) were an interesting lot. Some of them were bored (and/or boring), some of them were inspired. I am grateful to many of them for forming me. I apologise if any are still alive and read this….

Mr P. (physics): “There was a dirty great big hole dug for you there and you fell right into it, didn’t you?”

Mr T. (chemistry): (In reply to the question ‘Do we have to do that, Sir?’) “You don’t have to do anything in this world.”

Unknown (mathematics): “Antilogarithms are a snare and a delusion.” (Does anybody else but me still understand this?)

So, on to college:

Teaching Practice Supervisor: “When I first met you I thought you were slow-moving and slow-thinking. I still think you are slow-moving and slow-thinking.”

We continue to the modern age:

Year 6 teacher:  “Why do you have to go right when everybody else goes left?”

“Am I talking to myself?” (Every teacher ever has thought this, even if they have not said it out aloud.)

Basil Fawlty is not a teacher, but he speaks for us all when he says: “Please try to understand before one of us dies.”


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