This makes me VERY happy


You may know that I get very enthusiastic about a variety of strange things, many of which have a very limited following. Please let me wax lyrical, very briefly, about UK’s Best Part-Time Band.(That’s a link, by the way.) It’s GREAT. If one extra person watches it, this blog will not have been in vain.

BBC 4It is a BBC Four programme, in which professional musicians, starting with Midge Ure of Ultravox, tour Britain with comedian Rhod Gilbert looking for…. yes, you guessed it, Britain’s best part-time band. The chat between the presenters is amusing, but the bands are the great thing. Scottish ska, blues, swamp-rock, folk; young and old; teachers, window cleaners …. All of them have one thing in common: a huge enjoyment of what they do. They genuinely like playing. They’re never going to make a fortune, but the music is the motivation.

I have said that a good way to end my days would be in a beer tent at the Wychwood festival, watching young people do noisy things with guitars. This lot prove you don’t have to be young, just enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm comes across loud and clear.

It encapsulates a philosophy that I have had for a long time: you can do it for yourself. Punk was a great example. OK, not everybody will be as good as these bands… but it’s much more fun than just listening.

Anybody want to form a band with a four chord guitarist?



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