Rebel of the Sands- Alwyn Hamilton

RebelThis is a ‘young adult’ novel- lent to me by Miss Oblique 1, so it must be alright. It’s a fantasy novel, and it’s very good.

The heroine, Amani, lives in a small desert town, appropriately called Dustwalk, in the middle of a large desert. This seems to be a steampunk world: there are trains, guns and bombs. There is also magic, and there are magical beings, such as Djinni, with echoes of Arab stories and cultures. It is the interplay between magic and commonplace reality that is the basis of the plot. It is also a straightforward story of a rebellion against a repressive state. The society regards women as of little worth, prone to casual violence, suited only to marriage.

Of course (why of course?) there is a love story involved.This is sensitively, not gushingly or awkwardly handled.

I sometimes got a bit lost in the names and the characters involved, but this is probably due to my inattentive or careless reading. I found it thrilling. The descriptive passages set the scene well. There were two good revelations/ twists later in the book which genuinely surprised me and did not clash or seem clumsy, as so often such a technique can. The plot move along satisfyingly. It’s clearly, straightforwardly written.

This is a ‘young adult’novel which is well worth a read by an old adult.


2 thoughts on “Rebel of the Sands- Alwyn Hamilton

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