Forgotten Dishes 1: Canterbury Pie

Kent was, and perhaps still is, known as the ‘Garden of England’, renowned for apples, hops and more. If you drive through you might be forgiven for thinking that sheep are grazing in the garden. It is thus not surprising that a forgotten traditional recipe involves all three of these products.

DSCN5562Canterbury Pie is pretty simple; I won’t bore you with a recipe, as that culinary genius, Mrs Oblique, hardly ever bothers with one, and we just cooked it from a description anyway. Basically you cook mutton, slowly, in beer; then layer it in an oven proof dish with some cooking apples, cover with pastry and cook until the pastry is done. We of course used lamb; and I’m sure that purists will insist on beer from Kent and particular varieties of apples. You could add a bit of honey if the apples are too sharp. Apparently it is traditional to decorate it with pastry decorations of sheep, hops, apples or all three. We have tried it and it is very tasty.


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