In praise of Instagram

I like Instagram. That’s probably terminally uncool. Here’s why.

Instagram, for those who are not aware of it, is a photo sharing website. You post your photo, add a comment or a tag… then anybody can see it (or only your followers if you are private.) Simple.

I just see it as a source of pretty/ striking images. I only post rather innocuous images, partly because I am aware that anybody can see them. I have a few themes: books, glass, bowls, vegetables (!) and more. Often I just see something, snap it on my tablet and post it.

Of course, you can like images and follow people. I seem to have more success in this respect than with this blog… but then it takes less time to look at a photo and click on it. I’ve no doubt there are controversies surrounding Instagram; actually I’ve just googled that and found that the main issue seems to be Instagram’s censorship of certain pictures and labels. Not that I’m going to be posting anything controversial; it’s just a source of harmless pleasure (for me at least!)


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