A family food rant

And so to Bournemouth. Because the youngest Miss Oblique wants to go away to a hotel. And life is not always fair to her. So there are four sentences starting with connectives!
We often just buy sandwiches, then camp out in our room, usually with those tempting cans of G&T. Having had a sandwich lunch, we decided to go out instead.
This was a mistake. Firstly, to be fair, because we were not feeling adventurous. Secondly, to be fair, because the youngest Miss Oblique is usually only satisfied with chips. However this is where my rant (sorry) begins.
Central Bournemouth is well equipped with those rather interesting takeaways selling kebabs, 50 different versions of fried chicken, burgers and other rather obscure items. It is not equipped with many places you can take a ‘difficult’ child at 5.45 p.m. I’m not saying that they don’t exist, but we couldn’t find them. We did go in a ‘sports’ pub, but left… Not really child-friendly.
Guess where we ended up? No prizes. Those golden arches beckoned and we gave in.
This is not a rant at Bournemouth only. Many other towns, in my experience, are the same. In fact, even on Saturday lunchtimes there are very limited, boring and predictable choices. The chains have driven out all the friendly small family places and are anyway mostly closed in the evenings.
Yes, we could have eaten at Portuguese, Lebanese and Vietnamese restaurants. Yes, we did find the Mad Cucumber vegan cafe as we returned to our hotel full of burger and chips. Something is lacking in Bournemouth, though. And it’s not unique.
Don’t you hate sentences beginning with ‘and’?
Written quickly on my tablet, with apologies.


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