Paddy 1teehheeheee dadboss has left his wordpress thingir open. we;ll its about time he let me have a psstiething blogpost whatever. he thinks hes so smart banging onabout educaytion and musivc and dosent relise. nobody is interested. well lwet me tell  yupou thie impottant thinks ion life are food and sleep and scratching. no good him saying scratching makes hair and white cat hair is the worst. a cats gotto scratch. and as for peeing well i will pee where i like so there. this lapatop thing is no good for anything and as for the dvd player its even more useless. if he and mumboss will pt things in corneres what can they expect? do you like the curly thing its a question mark. hes got a blogpost about punktuation ready he says so watch this spacce yawn yawn. gotto go here he is. whats this publish box?

oh yes by me paddycat


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