I Have Drunk Beer

img032I have drunk beer…

With my father in the Six Bells at Billingshurst

In golden summer sunlight, cycling home from Guildford, at the Dolphin at Shalford- and it tasted like nectar

Raving with The Man and Alex in storm-swept Dorset pubs

From huge glasses at Christmas in Bruges

All over the place with Tess- pints, of course

On the pavement on a summer’s evening in Bristol- and we were told to go in, because it threatened their licence

By blazing fires in country pubs on winter evenings

In early morning May Day rain in Oxford

In London station bars on crowded Friday evenings

In the Philharmonic in Liverpool, where the toilets are like a palace

On an empty stomach

With a hangover

In beer gardens with my children playing on the grass

In the Tavern at Lords, watching Thompson bowl against the Australians

With barbecue burgers and chips at school fairs

That nobody will ever drink again, because the breweries have closed

In France: cold, fizzy, pression, but still beer

Before walking into Christmas holiday snow with Chriss, never to see him again

At parties, wishing I wasn’t there

Outside a pub in London after rugby, watching Concorde fly over

In the Theatre Royal pub

In places and with people I’ve forgotten

In a tiny bar in Spain, with tapas and bull fighting on the T.V.

In a little holiday home in Belgium, with my blond son finishing the bottle

In pubs that no longer exist.

To be continued

This was inspired by the poem ‘Tea: Where Have You supped and Who With?’ by Annamaria Murphy, published in ‘Poems from Eden’.


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